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Last year we won AB 60 approving driver’s licenses to undocumented Californians. But that could be at risk if the DMV does not make them accessible to all immigrants.

Tell the DMV to make sure that driver’s licenses are accessible to all 1.4 million undocumented Californians!

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Last year, Californians like you, helped pass AB 60, an historic law that could bring driver’s licenses to 1.4 million undocumented Californians. And right now, the DMV is coming up with rules that will determine who is eligible to receive a license.1

But some qualifications—like requiring identification documents impossible for some immigrants to obtain—could prevent many from obtaining the license. Additionally, given the deportation of two million immigrants nationwide in the last five years, if immigration status and other information is shared with other agencies, many families might be too afraid to even apply.

But we can make sure that doesn’t happen. We can show the DMV that we support an inclusive and protected application process for the 1.4 million undocumented Californians that are eligible for licenses.

Will you urge the DMV to make sure all immigrants are able to obtain a license to drive?

Being able to legally drive will transform the lives of immigrants and improve safety on the roads. Families will no longer have to worry about getting their car impounded or worse end up in jail because of being barred from getting a license—a must have document to be able to drive to work, school, or the hospital.

All eyes are on California right now, watching how AB 60 is implemented by the DMV. Other states, looking to pass similar laws, will follow California’s lead. We need to make sure that all of the 1.4 million immigrant members of our community are able to obtain a license.

A simple straightforward process is the best solution, not a process riddled with roadblocks. Requiring identification documents impossible for some immigrants to get a hold of or exacerbating the fear that immigration status might be shared with federal agencies would prevent many from applying.

Sign this petition urging the DMV to make sure all immigrants are able to obtain a license to drive!

Thanks and ¡adelante!
Arturo, Erick, Erica, Refugio, Luis, Mariana, and the rest of the Team.

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1. AB 60 Driver License Implementation Department of Motor Vehicles.