May 18, 2020

“We’re right where we’re supposed to be today, at this moment.”

“If we have one character defect that is abhorrent, it is the way that we hate and pick on ourselves. We can stop picking on ourselves for picking on ourselves. This habit is not our fault either, but it is our responsibility to learn to stop doing it.”

“We can accept our wonderful selves, with all our faults, foibles, strong points, weak points, feelings, thoughts, and everything else. It’s the best thing we got going for us. It’s who we are, and who we were meant to be. And it’s not a mistake. We are the greatest thing that will ever happen to us. Believe it.”

“All people make mistakes and do a few things right. So we can leave ourselves alone.”

“The only difference between codependents and the rest of the world is that the other people don’t pick on themselves for being who they are.” 

“We don’t deserve to lead second-best relationships! We are lovable, and we are worth getting to know. People who love and like us aren’t stupid or inferior for doing that. We have a right to be happy.”

“The people who are successful are the same as us. They’ve gone ahead and developed their gifts and talents, and set goals for themselves. We’re even the same people on television: our heroes, our idols.” We’re all working with approximately the same material — humanity. It’s how we feel about ourselves that makes a difference. It’s what we tell ourselves that makes the difference.” 

On ‘the nameless sense of being unfit for reality’:

“We are fit for reality. Relax. Wherever we need to go and whatever we need to do, we are appropriate for that situation. We will do fine. Relax. It’s okay to be who we are.”

“We need to stop telling ourselves we’re different for doing and feeling what everyone else does.” (being themselves) — Codependent No More.