April 29, 2020

Friendship with God = a personal relationship with God. Just like a friendship, or any relationship, you have to cultivate it:

Put time in it. Spend time with Him.

He is wise. Might be helpful to think of God as an older friend that is wiser. But one that is fun to hang out with. Like my uncle Jose?

Some potential reading:

Interesting analysis of why the word “personal relationship” might not be adequate.

“Intimacy and immediacy with God can happen, but not easily and not immediately.”

Un pacto. Covenant.


  1. Decisión sobre algo tomada en común por varias personas.
    “después de varias horas de negociación, llegaron a un acuerdo”
  2. Conformidad o armonía entre personas o aceptación de una situación, una opinión, etc.