Social Share Thanksgiving Post-Executive Action

Dear {{ user.first_name|default:”Friend” }}, We’re supposed to celebrate. But it’s going to be an awkward Thanksgiving. It’s going to be a confusing family time for many Latinos, who will be spending this Thanksgiving thinking about more than just turkey and stuffing. Last week when the President announced relief for about 4 of the 11 million undocumented[…]

RSVP #USTired2 Event Senator Bob Menendez

We’ve got the attention of Senator Menendez and 13 other Senators. Now it’s time to turn up the volume.  Tomorrow: join us for a national day of action near you! Dear {{ user.first_name|default:”Friend” }}, We’ve got Senator Bob Menendez’s attention. Last week, we scored an important win in the fight for justice for the Ayotzinapa 43 when[…]

Online Petition Kicker to Gov. Brown on Fracking

Dear {{ user.first_name|default:”Friend” }}, It’s a new year and we’re ramping up our commitment to end fracking in California. Last month Governor Cuomo announced an end to fracking in New York state, making it more difficult for Governor Brown to continue avoiding the issue. And now that he has been inaugurated into his fourth and last[…]

Online Petition to Governor Brown on Fracking

Dear {{ user.first_name|default:”Friend” }}, Yesterday, New York banned fracking beating out California in climate change leadership.1 New York’s Governor Cuomo just announced he’s banning fracking, the highly toxic process of injecting water and dangerous chemicals into the ground in order to extract oil and gas. Fracking operations emit massive amounts of methane pollution, which drive global[…]