Dharma Semillas

Anushka Fernandopulle talks about the importance of renewing our relationships with our practice. Favorite bit from her Dharma Talk on this, is the story at the end of how Mara tried to dissuade Buddha by planting doubt, questioning “who are you to seek enlightenment?” Buddha responds with a powerful “the earth itself bears witness to my right to be present.” Listen to her talk here. More written notes posted here.

Podcast: Rev. angel Kyodo williams: Why Your Liberation is Bound Up With Mine. Zen priest angel Kyodo williams encourages us to stop framing the lie of white supremacy illness as a “privilege.” Visit here website here.

Lama Rod Owens talks about a New Dharma on this podcast, considers ways that racism and privilege prevent our collective awakening. He also mentions how “there is no ultimate liberation without first relative liberation. Our communities have to be working together towards liberation in order to start earning and experiencing ultimate liberation.” Additional talks can be found on his website, embedded here.