Camino Stories Podcast

Episode # 2: Refugio talks to Martin Miranda about his journey in becoming a therapist. From being in dark places, to becoming a “wounded healer,” rewriting stories just like you would with creative writing, and using nature as a source of healing. We also talk about the wisdom of the mind and body just pushing through in spite of everything seeming like mess. Follow him: Martin’s website, Instagram, Facebook, and Psychology Today.

Episode # 1: Refugio talks to Caín Andrade about the journey to become more of himself. We talk about getting caught up in destructive habits, tumbling down, and rising from the chaos. We also explore questions around being gender nonconforming, Two-Spirit, and other identities. Growing up in a family of immigrants dealing with their own stories of trauma is also at the top of our minds. As a queer poet, Latinx, and contributor to his community, Caín has picked up a few insights along the way that he shares with us. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.